Under the canopy of an endless Scottsdale sky lies one of the most dynamic and burgeoning dining scenes in the Southwest. The city’s culinary influence can be felt—and tasted—throughout the region, thanks to its vibrant mix of flavors and experiences. From regionally-focused cuisine made with local, farm-fresh ingredients; to food trucks dishing out globally-inspired street fare; to luxurious resort restaurants helmed by the world’s top chefs and sommeliers, Scottsdale is the dining destination of your dreams.


January 2018

By Shelby Moore

There was no such thing as the “farm-to-table” movement in 1993. But if you wanted to trace the trend back to its roots—at least, its roots here in the Valley—you would only have to start with Rancho Pinot and its proprietor Chrysa Robertson. “I like to say I’m the original local restaurant,” she says. And it’s not an exaggeration. For the last 25 years, Rancho Pinot has been serving simple, yet elegant food made with as many locally-sourced ingredients as Robertson can get her hands on. After landing her first job waiting tables at age 16, she got her culinary feet wet

Greg McClelland stands in the middle of the Goldwater Brewing Co. taproom with a pint in hand. He is beaming. The bar is filling with groups sharing after work drinks. Behind him a row of stainless steel fermenters catch the evening light. A happy din of conversation is in the air. “Do I look like a proud papa?” he asks. McClelland has wanted to open a brewery since 1989, and what might seem like a dream long deferred is more like the beers lagering in the cellar beneath his feet. Both taking time and the right mix of ingredients to turn into

The songs and stories may tell you to head west for a taste of the cowboy lifestyle, but when you’re coming from Scottsdale, the direction to go is north. Just 40 minutes north of downtown Scottsdale, you’ll find the town of Cave Creek, a cozy community filled with honky-tonk bars, Western shops and one of the best kept-secrets in Southwestern barbecue. Headed by chef and owner Bryan Dooley, the award-winning Bryan’s Black Mountain BBQ is a Cave Creek gem, where slow-smoked meats benefit from the skills of a professionally trained chef. To dig into one of the best pulled pork sandwiches this