Under the canopy of an endless Scottsdale sky lies one of the most dynamic and burgeoning dining scenes in the Southwest. The city’s culinary influence can be felt—and tasted—throughout the region, thanks to its vibrant mix of flavors and experiences. From regionally-focused cuisine made with local, farm-fresh ingredients; to food trucks dishing out globally-inspired street fare; to luxurious resort restaurants helmed by the world’s top chefs and sommeliers, Scottsdale is the dining destination of your dreams.


Author: Dawson Fearnow

By Dawson Fearnow

Thanks to a world-class collection of mid-century modern architecture and even a few stray Tiki bars, Scottsdale is the perfect place to throw back a few throwback cocktails in style.   citizen public house An award-winning gastro-pub in the heart of downtown Scottsdale, citizen public house is well worth the visit for its modern, meaty takes on traditional American comfort foods, as well as the extensive list of handcrafted and house-aged cocktails. But if you step outside and squint at the soaring roofline, you can tell that this trendy pub was once home to an altogether different type of cocktail palace. Yes, back

Thanks to a fresh catch of trendy fish houses – and FedEx – Scottsdale is suddenly swimming in world-class seafood restaurants. Chula Seafood Market Tucked away inside an anonymous strip mall just south of Downtown Scottsdale, Chula Seafood Market is a family-owned fishmonger with a simple promise: They sell the freshest seafood, because they caught it themselves. It all starts off the coast of San Diego, where the Heflin family operates their own custom-built commercial fishing boat, specializing in harpoon-caught swordfish and other fruits of the California Pacific. However, after selling to restaurants for years, in 2015 the family decided to get