Under the canopy of an endless Scottsdale sky lies one of the most dynamic and burgeoning dining scenes in the Southwest. The city’s culinary influence can be felt—and tasted—throughout the region, thanks to its vibrant mix of flavors and experiences. From regionally-focused cuisine made with local, farm-fresh ingredients; to food trucks dishing out globally-inspired street fare; to luxurious resort restaurants helmed by the world’s top chefs and sommeliers, Scottsdale is the dining destination of your dreams.


Author: Sally J. Clasen

By Sally J. Clasen
Photography By Mark Lipczynski

Chef Matt Carter admits he started his career with a big chip on his shoulder. Believing French food was the best, it may seem like his latest venture Fat Ox, an Italian fine dining restaurant, is merely a vanity project. The truth is, Carter has been tossing around the idea of opening a modern Italian eatery for some time, even before he launched his first restaurant Zinc Bistro, a French-themed café. “I have always been interested in pasta making, but the last 10 years, I’ve ramped up my focus,” he says. For all his restaurant concepts—which include The Mission, and The House Brasserie—Carter’s culinary